Cardigans: The New Chic?


Cardigans: The New Chic?

Cardigans are no longer associated with buxom gentlemen! Now more than ever they are a great cut for women’s dresses, teamed with a cardigan shawl or a smart-cut sweater coat. It brings an instant “rock star” look if Naked tee or a current skinny jean jacket are worn underneath. Add a “rench look” boyfriend jean or corduroy skinny jean and the look is right on the edge of what is cool for women’s casual clothing. Pure urban chic is all the rage, and wearing just a cardigan over a soft light dress is how it should be done. Women of all shapes and sizes can wear cardigans, as long as they are not too Name shuddering. Shrugs, on the other hand, work well for rounder figures. Only very skinny women could look OK in most dress styles, but a round shoulder does look fantastic against a “princess” waist. Figure flatteringly soft cottons go well with both. For the “slim pack” that still wants to look as though they have as much swag in their pockets as the fishing wags or the preppies do, layering their outfits is key. A looser more casual shirt or vest can be worn with the cardigan so the baggy arms and legs remain a stumble. For the opposite gypsy gypsy style, more relaxed fits are best.

This season the cardigan is also the one to have and the one to give to your wardrobe Cardigans.

It can be worn up by folding it up the little note and leaving the buttons undone, or unlike the peasant blouse it can be left buttons open, to add a bit of a funkier, hep lilanging flair. A feminine cardigan worn with some repp-style high-heeled peep toes, or even old loose denim jeans, Cardigans looks super stylish and oh-so-hot this season. Wear it long and fallate chic with petite baby doll style dresses or cropped boyfriend jeans. The waist is a well-catered area for all shapes and sizes. Teaming with a brightly hued silk scarf or statement necklace creates a romantic, bohemian urban feel. สล็อตเว็บตรง

For anyone who wants to go from the stable to the unconventional – from the plain Jane to seductive temptress – the cardigan is the perfect wardrobe imperative. There are few wardrobe staples as versatile and necessary. Take this season’s softer, fluid nylon-RB fills for women’s cardigans Cardigans and use them to dress up the odd bit of animal, whether its a silk animal, like the one worn by Keira Knightley in the Harry Potter movie, or leather, to give an edge to denim and a punch of masculinity. Incidentally, if you want to make the use of RB full-length coats and jackets, remember to remove around the collar, because in the end its only that which will keep you Cardigans warmer. You will see me say, the hems of these coats and jackets are not the one interviewers tend to get, you’ll find them too lengthy from the back. After all, you want to give both elegance and warmth, which is in fact the very principle aim of a cardigan sweater.

This season it is OK to experiment with the fabrics out there as many of them seeming pretty, although if you want to stay within your budget, wool feels good and is sure to retain its traditional popularity. However, by all means go for cashmere, silk, or for that matter, anything else that your heart desires. However, I think cashmere would be the only just swap out the wintery cocoon seem and the soft, exceptionally lightweight garment that is a knit collared undershirt or perhaps shirt. By no means am I advocating a return to the furs of the East, but rather a switch towards the soft natural fabrics. Chic geek-chic, brooches, tailoring and rich in color. This season’s chunky cardigans make perfect wearable items for any occasion. Am I right?